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Mcare PHYSIO pledge to deliver you highly personalized  treatment, one-to-one service session, ensure everyone gets optimum care, speed up your journey towards recovery goals. We assured you the excellent quality of care not only better outcome, in the mean time we assist and guide, helps in generating your own body shield against future injury.

Our well trained physiotherapist team eager to provide highest quality, tailored made treatment to not only reduce your symptoms temporarily but to treat the root cause of your problem. In Mcare PHYSIO, we practice multidisciplinary care in order to achieve optimum recovery of every client. We work closely together with registered doctors, pharmacists and occupational therapists in order to make your rehabilitation journey simple, smooth, and worry-free.


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At Mcare Physio, our physiotherapists are ready to hear from you and further discuss about your issues. We promise to provide most suitable treatment for you in order to meet your rehabilitation goals.


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Musculoskeletal physiotherapy:

Injuries involved of muscles, joint and soft tissues. We promote healing and strengthen weaken structures.

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Neurological Physiotherapy:

Treatment specialized for neurological problems, we aim to slow down the progression of the disease and maintain highest functional level of each individual.

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Stroke Rehabilitation:

Physiotherapy helps in regain and maximize your abilities in daily living to near normal.

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Sport Injury Rehabilitation:

Ready to maximize your sport performance without limiting by both recent or old injuries.

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Post Surgery Rehabilitation:

Helps in pain relief, reduce swelling, restoration of motion and muscle activation as soon as you are discharged from surgery.

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Geriatric Rehabilitation:

Reduce risk of fall, provide coordination, balancing and functional retraining.

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Occupational Therapy:

Regain the skills needed for daily living. Not only hand therapy, but tackle with scar, cognitive and sensory retraining.

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Rehab & support rental service:

Looking for medical equipment for temporary use? Owning the equipment is too much to afford? Don’t worry, we do provide rental service for medical equipment such as oxygen concentrator, hospital beds, wheelchair and portable nebulizer at affordable price to your doorstep.

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Mcare PHYSIO, 12G, Jalan Kijang 1, Taman Suntex, 43200 Cheras, Selangor

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Operation hour:

Monday to Saturday: 9am to 6.30pm

Sunday: Closed