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Established in Year 2000 at Cheras, from a lone pharmacy store to being one of the leading community pharmacies that fulfills demands in both healthcare services and medication field. We believe in prioritizing medication safety & quality, patient-centered and outcome-oriented practice in Multicare Pharmacy.

Our commitment is to maintain the true essence of healthcare towards our society, contributing to the communities by giving complete access to their health potential, empower people in accomplishing life goal in employment, family and personal wellbeing.

Supported by comprehensive product range with substantial management team that well equipped with knowledge & experience, Multicare Pharmacy has prospered and budding our presence beyond 70 locations nationwide.


We strive to provide better healthcare with best option for our customers. We promise to serve everyone with equality, and with the mostexcellent care that we can offer. We see Multicare Pharmacy to be labelled as the fine quality pharmacy for the community.


We pride ourselves as one of the leaders in the community pharmacy that provides the utmost professional and quality services in pharmaceutical care to all of our clients through an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and effective communicationthat ultimately improve clients' quality of life.


Our team fabricates each initiative into action with FOUR core values. Multicare Pharmacy aspire to become the most preferred pharmacy towards the public.


We are committed to being the best in what we do, and to achieving the best possible outcome for our patients.


We are committed to provide the best pharmaceutical care to our patients.

Social Responsibility

We contribute positively to the well-being and welfare of the community.


We believe by working together is the fuel to offer the best pharmaceutical care for our patients.

We Care, We Serve.